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WQ5R – Gary McCrorey Station and Antenna Tour


WQ5R Gary at the Operating Position


WQ5R Hex-Beam 

WQ5R Hex-Beam on left, 43 ft Vertical on right.


WQ5R VHF Antenna 

  I was first Licensed in Texas as WN5VOZ. Upgraded to General in few months and got call WB5VOZ. Went to Alaska in June 1977 got call KL7JKB, then upgraded to Advanced to AL7BL, later upgraded to Extra with call AL7O. Had 342 countries confirmed in Alaska and had Number 1 DXCC Plaque. Even had North Korea confirmed on SSB and RTTY. Was running TEN-TEC Paragon, Collins 30S1 with Hygain Monobanders at 75ft, and Inverted Vees and Slopers for low bands in KL7. Also operated a work QTH above the Artic Circle at Prudhoe Bay using several different radios and antennas at 65 ft. In 2001 retired, moved to Missouri in 2002 with call AG0J, then in 2009 moved to Oklahoma with call WQ5R where I have 312 countries confirmed.
Present equipment is Ten-Tec ORION II, Icom IC7610, Heil PR781 MIC, Heil Proset headset, Bencher paddles, Hamkey straight key, Alpha 89 AMP, Ameritron ALS1306 Amp, Palstar WM150 Wattmeter, Palstar HF-Auto Tuner, Palstar AT5K Tuner. Antennas are K4KIO Hex-Beam at 23 ft, Alpha Delta multiband Inverted Vee at 20 ft, and MFJ2990 43 ft Vertical ground mounted. Good luck and DXing.

73 de Gary – WQ5R