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Article I - Name

Section I - The name of this organization shall be the Oklahoma DX Association and may be abbreviated OKDXA.

Article II - Purpose

Section I - To promote amateur radio DX and contest activities with the Oklahoma amateur radio community.

Section II - To provide a forum for exchanging information regarding DX activities, contests, and QSL information. This will include such things as newsletters, on-the-air nets, and DX clusters.

Section III - To provide a source of funds to promote DX operations around the world through DXpeditions by the membership or through donations to non-member DXpeditions.

Section IV - To organize an award system for DX stations who work member stations.

Section V - To further the interest and development of amateur radio communications and other community service, educational, patriotic, and charitable purposes.

Section VI - To encourage the use of proper operating practices and the providing of "Elmers" for newcomers.

Article III - Members

Section I - Full members of this organization must hold a valid amateur radio license of any class and meet the requirements specified in the bylaws.

Section II - Associate members of this organization may be anyone that has an interest in the purposes stated in Article II and approved by the Board of Directors.

Section III - Life membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to radio amateurs that have been deemed to have contributed significantly to the purposes stated in Article II.

Section IV - Only full members of this organization may vote in any OKDXA business meeting or election. Payment of dues as specified in the bylaws, is a condition of membership. Life members are considered paid members.

Article IV - Officers

Section I – The elected officers of this organization shall consist of a president, a vice president of administration, a vice president of activities, and a secretary/treasurer. These officers shall serve for a term of two years until their successors are elected and duly qualified. Officers may only serve for one additional successive term.

Section II – The officers of this organization shall be elected every 2 years at the Green Country Hamfest meeting. Election shall be by majority of the votes cast.  Beginning in 2020, the offices of President and Vice President of Administration will be elected in even numbered years, for example 2020, 2022, 2024, etc.  The offices of Vice President of Activities and Secretary/Treasurer will be elected in odd numbered years, for example 2021, 2023, 2025, etc.

Section III - It shall be the duty of the president to preside at all meetings and to direct the activities of the association.

Section IV - It shall be the duty of the vice-president of administration to preside at meetings in the absence of the president and to succeed him if for any reason the office should become vacant.

Section V - It shall be the duty of the secretary/treasurer to record minutes of all meetings, to carry on the correspondence necessary to transact the business of the organization, and to maintain the financial records of the OKDXA as well as being responsible for the receipts and disbursements of such funds as may be the property of the Association.

Article V - Board of Directors

Section 1 - This organization shall have a board of directors with the authority to act for the membership, by majority agreement of the board, in the absence of a meeting of the membership and will be responsible to the membership for all action taken.

Section II – Members of the Board of Directors shall consist of the regularly elected officers of the organization and five members appointed by the President to ensure that each of the five major areas of the state are represented (northwest, northeast, southeast, southwest, and central) as defined by Interstate Highways I-35, I-40, and a 30 mile radius from downtown Oklahoma City. Terms of Directors coincide with the President’s term in office (two years).

Section III - The board of directors is responsible to represent the OKDXA in any and all negotiations concerning physical facilities, policies, and activities when persons or organizations external to the OKDXA are involved. This authority may be delegated at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

Section IV - The Board of Directors will have the authority to consider requests for donations of OKDXA funds for DX operations or activities. All requests for funds must be approved by a majority of the board.

Article VI - Elections

Section I - The president will appoint a nomination committee to present a slate of candidates to the membership at the Green Country Hamfest meeting.

Section II - Additional candidates may be nominated from the floor during the meeting.

Section III - No person will be elected to an office of this organization unless they are a paid member and has accepted the nomination for that office.

Section IV - The president shall call a special election to fill a vacancy, in the event that any elected officer is unable to serve their full term. The term of office of such elected officers shall be the unexpired term of the officer that was unable to serve their full term.

Article VII - Committees

Section I - The president shall appoint such committees as he or she deems necessary for the proper functioning of the organization and the fulfilling of its purposes.

Article VIII - Meetings

Section I - Business meetings will be held in conjunction with major state hamfests, provided that it is announced by the President that the meeting will be held.

Section II - Those present at a major state hamfest shall be considered a quorum provided a majority of the board of directors are present, otherwise a simple majority of all full members must be present.

Article IX - Amendments

Section I - This constitution may be amended by a two-thirds vote at an announced business meeting, provided that no amendment shall be called for unless the membership has been notified in writing, not less than thirty days in advance of the proposed changes, giving members ample time to give the amendment due consideration.

Article X - Dissolution of the organization

Section I - In the event of dissolution of the organization, after the payment or satisfaction of all debts of the organization, the remaining assets and funds of the organization shall be distributed, transferred, conveyed, delivered and paid over to the State of Oklahoma, as agents or agent only, for distribution within a reasonable time to another communication, patriotic, charitable, or educational corporation which meets the requirements and is qualified under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1954 as amended.



Article I - General Meetings

General meetings will be held in conjunction with major state hamfests. Those present at a major state hamfest shall be considered a quorum provided a majority of the board of directors are present, otherwise a simple majority of all full members must be present.

Article II - Business Meetings

Business meetings shall be conducted by the board of directors as required, to conduct association business necessary to provide daily operations and to plan activities. All decisions made by the board of directors requiring disbursements of monies in excess of $500, or requiring a vote of the membership, shall be presented at the next regular meeting.

Article III - Dues

An annual assessment of $20 per regular member, $10 for senior members, $10 for handicapped members and $5 for family members is hereby assessed in accordance with the provisions of Article III of the Constitution, for the purpose of providing funds for current expenses. Dues are payable prior to the 1st of January each year. Licensed amateurs under the age of 18 years may be accepted as associate members and are not required to pay dues. Associate members will not receive a newsletter and cannot vote as per the Article III, Section IV of the Constitution.

Those at age 65 years or older qualify for senior membership. Those with physical impairments that qualify them by law to be termed legally blind or deaf or those with paraplegia qualify for a handicapped membership.

Family members of a regular, senior, or handicapped member may join for $5/year each. A family member is defined as a spouse, or a child still claimed as a deduction on income taxes.

Furthermore, first-time members may join mid-year and prorate their regular, senior, or handicapped membership by quarter, except senior and handicapped members may not pay less than $5.

Article IV - Visitors

All regular meetings are open to the general public.

Article V - ARRL Affiliation

Membership in the American Radio Relay League will be encouraged to maintain the association's ARRL affiliation. The board of directors may restrict new membership to ARRL members only, if the percentage of ARRL members drops below that required to maintain affiliation.