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QSL Card Album

The following is a collection of rare and exotic, or just favorite QSL cards submitted by OKDXA members. The card might be your original Novice card, or your first DX contact, some of your memorable DX contacts, your 100th country for DXCC, your 300th country, or your honor roll QSO/QSL. If you have operated on Dxpedition you might include your Dxpedition QSL cards with a one line description of when and from where you operated. If you have some rare or unusual cards to share, those would be great. Get your camera out, take some .jpg photos of a few of your favorite cards and email to me. I will add them to the album. Please limit the number of attachments to about 4 per email for now. I’m not sure of the size of attachments my email can handle. I may set up a Dropbox folder, if I can figure out how. Hope to hear from you.                  73,   Jeff – K5WE


P5/4L4FN North Korea - September 2002 - de K5WE


HK0AA Baja Nuevo ( Deleted) - June 1976 - de K5WE


VK9GN New Guinea (Deleted) by Wycliff Bible Translators- October 1967 - de K5WE