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Filling out the form below will submit your information, via E-Mail to the Membership Chairman.  Dues will still need to either be sent via U.S. Mail or PayPal.

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Enter your Amateur Radio Call Sign
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-> U.S. Mail

Mail Dues to: (payable to OKDXA)

  Roger Simpson – K5RKS

   5701 Holly Brooke Ln.

  Oklahoma City, OK. 73135


-> PayPal


Go to PayPal

Make your PayPal payment to:
Be sure to provide your name and callsign with your payment

As of Jan. 1, 2023, the IRS requires Paypal to withhold taxes on any paypal transactions for Goods and Services after a threshold of $600 is reached in a calender year. Friends and family payments are exempt.
So, it is VERY IMPORTANT to select PAYMENT TO FRIENDS AND FAMILY when you do your Paypal payment.