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           QSL Card Album


The following is a collection of rare and exotic, or just favorite QSL cards submitted by OKDXA members. The card might be your original Novice card, or your first DX contact, some of your memorable DX contacts, your 100th country for DXCC, your 300th country, or your honor roll QSO/QSL. If you have operated on Dxpedition you might include your Dxpedition QSL cards with a one line description of when and from where you operated. If you have some rare or unusual cards to share, those would be great. Get your camera out, take some .jpg photos of a few of your favorite cards and email to me. I will add them to the album. Please limit the number of attachments to about 4 per email for now. I’m not sure of the size of attachments my email can handle. I may set up a Dropbox folder, if I can figure out how. Hope to hear from you. 73, Jeff – K5WE



P5/4L4FN  North Korea  – September 2002                                                   de K5WE


VK9GN  New Guinea (Deleted) – October 1967                                             de K5WE


8Z4A  Saudi Arabia/Iraq Neutral Zone (Deleted) – November 1979                          de K5WE


7J1RL  Okino Tori-Shima (Deleted) – May/June 1976                                   de K5WE 


OE6XG/A  Abu Ail (Deleted) – May 1979                                               de K5WE 


3Y5X  Bouvet – January 1990                                                             de K5WE 


3Y5X  Bouvet – January 1990                                                            de K5WE 


FB8WI  Crozet – March 1983     de K5WE              FB8XO  Kerguelen – June 1976       de K5WE


W5LFL Owen Garriott Nov 1983  de WA9AFM/5      K5RKS  Novice QSL – 1958        de K5RKS


P5RS7  North Korea – Pirate – Not allowed for DXCC – December 1992               de K5WE 


VR6YL  Pitcairn – May 1992       de N5OHL           VK0KH  Macquarie – 1977          de K5WE 


VQ9BP/F  Farquhar Islands (Deleted) – Mar 1974                                     de W5NBI (sk)


9N1MM  Nepal – Mar 1976       de K5WE         AX/VK9BS  Papua (Deleted) – 1971 de W5NBI (sk)

SM0AGD (sk) Erik Sjolund DXpeditions 1972 – 2001:


HK0AA  Bajo Nuevo (Deleted) – June 1976                                                    de K5WE 


HK0AA  Serrana Bank (Deleted) – June 1976                                                 de K5WE 


SM0AGD/S2  Bangladesh – October 1977                                               de K5WE 


CR3AGD  Guinea – Bissau – April 1977                                                  de K5WE 


SM0AGD/XW8  Laos – June 1979                                                  de K5WE           


FW0AG  Wallis Island – August 1982                                                  de K5WE  


ZM7AG  Tokelau Island – October 1982                                                  de K5WE  


T31AE  Central Kiribati – October 1982                                                  de K5WE  


SM0AGD/KH1  Baker/Howland Islands – October 1982                               de K5WE 

Note: T31AE & SM0AGD/KH1 were operated from the same shack on Canton Island on alternate days.


T32AJ  Eastern Kiribati – November 1982                                             de K5WE  


S9AGD  Sao Tome – April 1992                                                          de K5WE 


K7K  Kure Island – Sept/Oct 1992                                                          de K5WE    


K7K  Kure Island – Sept/Oct 1997                                                          de K5WE 


ZK3CW  Tokelau – October 1999                                                          de K5WE 


3C1AG  Equatorial Guinea – February 2001                                                 de K5WE 


1S1DX  Spratly Islands – April 1979                                             de K5WE 


5A1A  Libya – October 2000                                                       de N5OHL 


4U1UN  UN New York – Feb 2008  de N5OHL       4U1ITU UN Geneva – 2002         de N5OHL 


YV0D  Aves Island – 2004         de N5OHL