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Oklahoma DX Association

The Oklahoma DX Association is a not-for-profit federation of Amateur Radio DXers from Oklahoma as well as other states.

Our purposes are:

  • to promote the DX phase of our hobby by encouraging newcomers
  • to encourage camaraderie among the membership
  • to support the statewide operating activities
  • to disseminate DX information
  • to support strategic DXpeditions

The spectrum of DXing expertise in our group ranges from beginner to Top-of-the-Honor-Roll. If you have questions, you will find an abundance of answers and opinions. We meet as a body at the major state hamfests (look for our tables in the fleamarkets) and at an annual banquet.

We share information through the OKDXA mailing list and the OKDXA website


  1. Randy Wing

    The OKDXA Banquet is at 6 pm in Stroud, OK at the Cattle Country Lodge, 1200 N. 8th Ave. You need to let the Kim Elmore know well before the banquet if you are coming and with how many.

  2. Bill Roberson

    The Atlantic Tuna with 3Y0I crew is apparently enroute to Bouvet. I’m hoping all goes well and in 10 days or so we can start the massive pileups. GL and very 73!

  3. Kim Elmore

    Since we discussed getting everyone’s DX totals up on the page, I’ll start with mine:

    CW: 253
    Mixed: 255

    160: 26
    80: 85
    40: 143
    30: 99
    20: 129
    17: 59
    15: 107
    12: 36
    10: 86

  4. Marcus Sutliff

    If posting our DXCC status..
    N5ZY here: I really need to start working in CW. I have a blank spot on the wall for that DXCC certificate.
    Mixed * 171
    CW 9
    Phone * 137
    Digital * 120
    Satellite 3
    80M 33
    40M 78
    30M 44
    20M * 135
    17M 74
    15M 74
    12M 8
    10M 55
    6M 1
    Challenge 502

  5. Marcus Sutliff

    If anyone in the Edmond area is interested:

    We have 3 of the 5 or 6 seats taken – seating originally reserved to club members only, but they’ve had their chance.

    Made your New Years Resolution? Start the new decade by learning Morse Code! Make radio contacts around the world with minimal power and resources by learning Morse Code in just 8 weeks! At a very young age your learned enough English to communicate and you can do it again in CW by practicing only 30~60 minutes a day! The Edmond Amateur Radio Society is hosting a free CW beginners course that will coach you along at 18 to 25 words per minute using the free Skype conferencing service! At this speed you have to ditch the pencil and paper except to log a callsign and report, however it is much easier to improve your new skill from this level. You will start near phone conversation speed and not be stuck at the 5 – 10 wpm speed! By the end of week 7 students will be encouraged to make HF radio contacts!

    This course is using the CWOps’ CW Academy schedule and workbook. This course offered by EARS/K5EOK and it’s our first!

    If your interested in this course but unavaile at this time, please register with CWOps for their beginners course otherwise complete the form below and submit!

    The important thing about operating Morse Code is to just have fun! Relax and learn a few letters and numbers every day and soon you can make radio contact with people at 20W that would take 100W on phone! You can communicate around the world using a modest rig and antenna! Meet a whole new community of amateurs that share a common bond! Expand your operating capabilities with little or no cost!

    Seating is VERY limited so please – only register if you can commit to meeting twice weekly for 10 weeks. Please do not register if you cannot commit to this rigid schedule. You must also commit to doing daily practice on your own. After the very first class you will know T, E, A and N so after the first class you can already make some NEAT words! We really look forward to hosting this course and having you attend! If you cannot attend please let me know immediately so I can inform someone in ‘stand-by’ they have a seat available.

    The course will begin Jan 14 at 6:30 PM CST and we will meet twice-weekly for 8 weeks every Tuesday and Thursday to review and complete the next session. Each class will last about 30 to 45 minutes! The course will be taught by Sam Sitton, W5CU and the first class we will learn T, E, A and N! If the first class we will also demonstrate using skype for the future meetings. Pre-class test meetings with the EARS education organizer can also be held to confirm Skype connectivity and answer skype questions.

    This course will require you to receive and send morse code therefore each student will need to choose a CW paddle and some form of electronic keyer. Most HF radios provide an electronic keyer jack and the ability to produce tones without transmitting. You can also purchase “HamGadgets” Ultra PicoKeyer (kit or assembled) to interface to a paddle for practice sending. Or the K3NG Arduino based keyer (build your own or buy one from Another way to practice sending and to see what you keyed while your keying is to use or build the K3NG Arduino Keyer,

    For Skype, a Skype device (computer, tablet or smart phone), a free Skype account, and some way to get your electronic keyer audio near the microphone is required.

    Edmond Downtown Community Center
    28 E. Main Street, room 219
    Edmond, OK

    Tuesday nights 6:30 to 7:30 PM 14-January to 19-March (10 weeks if req.)

    The course is free – we are a 501(c)(3)!

    Private 1:1 session with course instructor via Skype

    This is our first, we will see how it goes. CW Academy however hosts this course 3 times per year.

    E-mail:, Sam S./W5CU
    Or class coordinator: Marcus S./N5ZY
    N5ZY: Text/Call: 405-401-0106

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